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Inuit is a group of five closely related languages that belong to the Eskimo branch of the Eskimo-Aleut language family. Three of these languages, spoken in Canada and Greenland, are referred to as Inuktitut. Two languages, spoken in Alaska, are referred to as Inupiatun Inuktitut, also Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, is one of the principal Inuit languages of Canada. It is spoken in all areas north of the tree line, including parts of the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, to some extent in northeastern Manitoba as well as the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. It is one of the aboriginal languages written with Canadian Aboriginal syllabics. It is recognised as an official language in Nunavut alongside Inuinnaqtun, and both languages are. Being so isolated from the rest of the world, it would be easy to assume that Inuit is an entirely distinct language family. In fact, it's a subgroup of the larger Eskimo-Aleut language family (also known as Eskaleutian). This has two branches. The first, Aleut, consists of just one living language

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Apart from their Siberian cousins, Inuit across the circumpolar world use two types of orthography to write their language. The roman or Latin alphabet is the only writing system used in Alaska, the Northwest Territories, Labrador and in Greenland. This is also the case in Nunavut's Inuinnaqtun speaking communities Inuit, or Eastern Eskimo (in Greenland called Greenlandic or Kalaaleq; in Canada, Inuktitut; in Alaska, Inupiaq), is a single language formed of a series of intergrading dialects that extend thousands of miles, from eastern Greenland to northern Alaska and around the Sewar

The northern Alaskan Inuit or Innupiat speak Inupiaq; the Greenland Inuit or Katladlit speak Kalaallisut; and, the Canadian Inuit have two basic Inuit languages - Inuktitun, the language of the Innuvialuit in the Northwest Territories and Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit in what is called the western Arctic including Nunavut, Nunavik and Labrador Inuktitut is an Indigenous language in North America spoken in the Canadian Arctic. The 2016 census reported 39,770 speakers, of which 65 per cent lived in Nunavut and 30.8 per cent in Quebec. Inuktitut is part of a larger Inuit language continuum (a series of dialects) stretching from Alaska to Greenland

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Inuktitut - The Language of the Inuit of Nunavut Inuktitut Syllabics 127 Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum Teacher Resource Guide Pronunciation Guidelines K - hard sound of k, as in king Q - kh sound, pronounced deep in the throat J and Y - the j and the y are interchangeable and should be pronounced as y in yo Useful Inuktitut phrases. A collection of useful phrases in Inuktitut, an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken in Canada, Greenland, Alaska and Siberia. Key to abbreviations: sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to more than one person). Jump to phrases. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder Inuktitut is an Inuit language spoken mainly in northern Canada, specifically in parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. According to the 2011 census, there are 34,000 speakers of Inukutitut, which is also known as Eastern Canadian Inuktitut Inuktut is just one part of what is known as the Inuit language, spoken from Alaska in the west to Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) in the east. It might best be understood as a spectrum of dialects that vary enormously from one end of the Arctic to the other Inuktitut, a dialect of the Inuit language Inuktut, is spoken across Inuit Nunangat, the Inuit homeland in Canada, and is the mother tongue of about forty thousand Inuit in Canada. Inuktitut is available now in the Microsoft Translator apps, Office, and Translator for Bing. You can also use Azure Cognitive Services Translator and Azure.

Inuktitut Tusaalanga. We focus on teaching Inuktitut as it is spoken in everyday situations. After the first class, participants are able to walk away and immediately apply what they have learned. At Tusaalanga, there are many audio and written resources to help you to learn Inuktitut language. The lessons contain vocabulary, grammar, dialogue. Bit in an Inuit drill; bow drill and by extrention all drill bits. n. Ikotak. Bitch dog in heat — Malikatâk. Bitch (female dog) — Annaligiak. Bite — kek. Bite off pieces with your teeth — Mikiak. Black — Kinnitak. Black bear meat. — Adlavinik. Black bear (Ursus americanus). — Adlak. Black beetle — Minnguk TORONTO - January 27, 2021 - Today, Microsoft announced the addition of Inuktitut text translation to Microsoft Translator. This addition will allow users to translate any of the more 70 languages to or from Inuktitut, the primary dialect of the Inuktut language, which also includes Inuinnaqtun. Inuktitut is spoken by approximately 40,000. Inuktitut is the name of the varieties of Inuit language spoken in Canada. It is spoken in all areas north of the tree-line, including parts of the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and to some extent in northeastern Manitoba as well as the territories of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and traditionally on the Arctic Ocean coast of Yukon Can you speak Inuktitut? Watch this short video and learn some new vocabulary words

Did you know that Nunavut has four official languages? Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, English and French! The Inuit have spoken Inuktitut for generations, but its words were only recently transcribed to paper, making it possible for everyone to learn Inuit language became distinct and, over a period of several centuries, its speakers migrated across northern Alaska, through Canada, and into Greenland. The distinct culture of the Thule people (drawing strongly from the Birnirk culture) developed in northwestern Alaska Inuit languages were for many years passed on orally and have only relatively recently been recorded in written form, which can be written in English characters or syllabics. For these reasons, there is no single accepted written language, and spelling varies between regions, communities, and people In addition to Microsoft's Translator app, Inuktitut is also now available in its Microsoft Office software, and on Translator for Bing. Inuktitut has also been added to Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services Translator and its Azure Cognitive Speech Services, which will allow for translation to be offered on other apps, tools and websites

Inuit are Indigenous people of the Arctic. The word Inuit means the people in the Inuit language of Inuktut. The singular of Inuit is Inuk With a dazzling array of dialects consider, the task of a settling on a single inuit language will be a challenge Inuit is a group of five closely related languages that belong to the Eskimo branch of the Eskimo-Aleut language family. Three of these languages, spoken in Canada and Greenland, are referred to as Inuktitut. Two languages, spoken in Alaska, are referred to as Inupiatun (Ethnologue)

Inuit -språken är en ganska nära länkad uppsättning språk som kan brytas upp med hjälp av ett antal olika kriterier. Traditionellt beskriver inuiter dialektskillnader med hjälp av ortnamn för att beskriva lokala särdrag i språket: dialekten Igloolik kontra dialekten i Iqaluit, till exempel.Men politiska och sociologiska indelningar är alltmer de viktigaste kriterierna för att. Media in category Inuit language. The following 34 files are in this category, out of 34 total. Beschryving van Ysland, Groenland en de Straat Davis (microform) - bevattende so wel ene bestipte bepaling van de ligging en grote van die eilanden, als en volledige ontvouwing van hunne inwendige (19996326584).jpg 1,502 × 3,316; 619 KB The problem with generalizing the phenomenon as an Inuit language feature is where the skepticism is rooted. This is because there is more than one Inuit language - it is only one group of languages in a wider family called Eskimo-Aleut. The reason this language family has so many words for snow is that of polysynthesis Globally, Inuit divide themselves into two closely related groups based on language, environmental factors and certain cultural features. The first is the Yupik who occupy coastal southwestern Alaska, including the Nunivak and St. Lawrence islands, and a small sector of the southeastern Chukchi Peninsula in Russia. The second group includes the Inupiat of north Alaska and eastern Russia, the. Information on the Inupiaq Language. Inupiaq. Inupiaq is spoken throughout much of northern Alaska and is closely related to the Canadian Inuit dialects and the Greenlandic dialects, which may collectively be called Inuit or Eastern Eskimo, distinct from Yupik or Western Eskimo

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  1. Cree: Language of the Plains / nēhiyawēwin: paskwāwi-pīkiskwēwin by Dr. Jean L. Okimāsis Cree: Language of the Plains is a comprehensive educational resource, offering a broad range of learning materials that is easily accessible to Cree language learners. This collection includes an updated and redesigned Cree language textbook, Cree language audio labs, and a Cree language workbook
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  3. Inuit Languages A stop sign in Inuktitut. The Inuit in Canada speak the Inuktitut language. It has five main dialects: Inuvialuktun in the Inuvialuit regions of the Northwest Territories, Inuinnaqtun in western Nunavut, Nunatsiavumiuttut in Nunatsiavut, Inuktitut in eastern Nunavut, and Inuktitut in Nunavik

A subset of the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics is used to represent the Inuktitut syllabary, and more precisely, the written form of the Inuktitut language used in northern Canada (in both Nunavut and Nunavik). Adapted during the 1870s from the Cree syllabary, the Inuktitut writing system has been thoroughly adopted by the Inuits and obtained. Alphabets. Inuktitut has 2 basic alphabets, and a number of dialectical variations on each. Here you will learn to read, write, as well as pronounce these alphabets. We will begin with the alphabet most commonly used on this site, the Latin alphabet. This script uses the orthography of languages like English and French to represent the sounds. Inuktitut spellings vary throughout the regions where the language is spoken. Nunatsiavut, Labrador, spellings are used in the Let's Speak Inuktitut project. ABOUT THE AUTHO

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Iqaluit is the home base for the Pirurvik Centre for Inuit Language, Culture and Wellbeing. Nunavut's language experts looked to the past to invent new words for the digital age. Meet the North, a series that ventures into the lives of some of the 4 million people who call the Arctic home, learns how a language stays strong in the. Inuktitut language education terminology developed for Inuit region of Arctic Quebec Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic @arctic_eq Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 08:36 — Last Updated: Friday.

A wide range of Inuktitut language courses. Inuktitut dictionaries, language learning software, Audios CDs and more. With Inuktitut language courses from LinguaShop, you can pick up enough Inuktitut to hold a conversation and read simple books, in as little as 2 to 4 weeks Inuktitut Inuktitut is an Indigenous language in North America spoken in the Canadian Arctic. The 2016 census reported 39,770 speakers, of which 65 percent lived in Nunavut and 30.8 percent in Quebec. Inuktitut is part of a larger Inuit language continuum (a series of dialects) stretching from Alaska to Greenland. Inuktitut uses a writing system called syllabics, created originally for the. Language Inuktitut Region Native to: Canada, United States Region: Northwest Territories, Nunatsiavut (Newfoundland and Labrador), Nunavik (Quebec), Nunavut, Alaska Official language in: Nunavut Northwest Territorie The Inuit maintain a cultural identity through language, family and cultural laws, attitudes and behaviour, and through their much acclaimed Inuit art.. The Inuit, Inuktitut for the people, are an Aboriginal people, the majority of whom inhabit the northern regions of Canada. An Inuit person is known as an Inuk

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Inuit goddess of fertility and childbirth. Alasie: She who is honest and noble. Alornerk: Under-feet: Amaqjuaq: The strong one: Amaruq: Grey wolf: Amka: One with a friendly spirit. Anjij: Inuit form of Anne. It means grace. Aput: Inuit word for snow The Inuit languages, including Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and Inuvialuktun, belong to the Eskimo-Aleut language family. The dialects and subdialects branch out across much of the Arctic, reflecting Inuit migration over thousands of years from far eastern Russia across Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland Inuit maintain a cultural identity through language, family and cultural laws, attitudes and behaviour, and through much acclaimed Inuit art. Moving Toward Self-Government In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Inuit began organizing politically in response to assimilative policies and government restrictions on traditional lands The following is a brief comparison of cognates among the basic vocabulary across the Eskimo-Aleut language family (about 60 words). Note that empty cells do not imply that a particular language is lacking a word to describe the concept, but rather that the word for the concept in that language is formed from another stem and is not a cognate with the other words in the row

Inuit Language Names for MBSs, NWAs and Places Therein. 6.7.1 As part of the oral history project described in Part 6.5, NTI shall require its contractors to consult the ACMCs, knowledgable elders and maps developed by the IHT, the Nunavut Planning Commission and the RIAs, to identify potential Inuit Language names for NWAs, MBSs and. Rather than proactively empowering Inuit students at every level and investing the resources based on Inuit priorities, our government has diminished the existing language rights of Nunavut Inuit. Nunavut's current education system does not meet the needs of Inuit students or equip them to succeed in post-secondary education or thrive in employment and economic opportunities, said NTI. Bringing Awareness to Inuktitut Language and Inuit Art. The Word of the Day program was created to promote Inuktitut language and Inuit artwork through QIA's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media. The Word of the Day program launched in February 2017 Ulirnaisigutiit: An Inuktitut-English Dictionary of Northern Quebec, Labrador, and Eastern Arctic Dialects, edited by D. Collis, Quebec, Les Presses de l'Université Laval. Schultz-Lorentzen, C.W.. 1927. Dictionary of the West Greenlandic Eskimo Language, Meddelelser om Grønland 69, Copenhagen, Reitzels Inuit Canadians will soon have 24/7 access to Inuktitut-language television programming. The Nunavut Independent Television Network (NITV) launches a new channel - Uvagut TV - starting Monday at 12:01 am It will be available nationally to Shaw D

Inuktitut is an indigenous Inuit language, spoken by around 40,000 people. January 27th, Microsoft announced its rollout across Microsoft Translator, Office, Translator for Bing, Azure Cognitive Services Translator and Azure Cognitive Services Speech. The Government of Nunavut participated in development, providing Microsoft with language data Les langues inuites sont parlées par le peuple inuit en Alaska, dans l'Arctique canadien et au Groenland.Elles constituent un rameau de la famille des langues eskimo-aléoutes, qui comprend aussi les langues yupik et plus lointainement l'aléoute.Les langues inuites forment un continuum linguistique qui se subdivise en seize variétés, elles-mêmes regroupées en quatre grands ensembles : l.

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  1. Inuit language: Inuit languages, Greenlandic language, Inuit grammar, Inuktitut, Inuit phonology, Inuvialuk language, Inuinnaq dialect, Inuktitut dialect.
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  3. (Inuit language month) is a great opportunity to reflect on my identity, my heritage, and to showcase that I am proud to be Inuk in the modern society, says Saa Pitsiulak, an Inuktut.
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The Inuit languages are a closely related group of indigenous American languages traditionally spoken across the North American Arctic and to some extent in the subarctic in Labrador. The related Yupik languages are spoken in western and southern Alaska and in the far east of Russia, but are severe Inuktitut course has been offered at Queen's for the first time in winter term of 2013, when through the process of developing the Mohawk course, the opportunity arose to offer Inuktitut as well. The course gives students rudimentary knowledge of the language and, through an exploration of traditions, philosophies and histories, an understanding of the rich Inuit cultures

Pris: 79 kr. E-bok, 1980. Laddas ned direkt. Köp Inuit language in southern Labrador from 1694-1785 / La langue inuit au Sud du Labrador de 1964 a 1785 av Louis-Jacques Dorais på Bokus.com Titirariuqsauti is an Inuit language learning app that provides young children with fun activities that introduce symbol sounds and printing paths. This Inuit language learning app was funded by the Government of Nunavut (Department of Education). Download on the App Store for iPad and iPhone. Download on Google Play for Android Inuktitut, the first language of 70% of the residents of Nunavut, is integral to the teamwork and the traditional passing of knowledge. Adam Guimond-Pishuktie, a 19-year-old records analyst, grew up not knowing how to speak Inuktitut, and it bothered him Pris: 360 kr. häftad, 2014. Skickas inom 5-7 vardagar. Köp boken The Language of the Inuit av Louis-Jacques Dorais (ISBN 9780773544451) hos Adlibris. Fri frakt. Alltid bra priser och snabb leverans. | Adlibri 2021, Pocket/Paperback. Köp boken Inuit Languages &; Dialects hos oss

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  1. Eskimo-Aleut languages, family of languages spoken in Greenland, Canada, Alaska (United States), and eastern Siberia (Russia), by the Eskimo and Aleut peoples. Aleut is a single language with two surviving dialects. Eskimo consists of two divisions: Yupik, spoken in Siberia and southwestern Alaska, and Inuit, spoken in northern Alaska, Canada, and Greenland
  2. The Canadian census reports that approximately 35,000 Inuktitut speakers are in Canada, including about 200 who reside outside of traditionally Inuit lands. With only 0.01 people per square kilometer of land, Nunavut is one of the least populated regions in the world. And yet it has four official languages: English, French, Inuktitut and.
  3. Greenlandic can be divided into three dialects: . Kalaallisut or, in English, Greenlandic, is the standard dialect and official language of Greenland.This standard national language is now taught to all Greenlanders in school, regardless of their native dialect. It is related to Inuktitut.It reflects almost exclusively the language of western Greenland and has borrowed a great deal of.

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  1. The Inuit languages are a closely related group of indigenous American languages traditionally spoken across the North American Arctic and to some extent in the subarctic in Labrador. 109 relations
  2. The Auditor General of Canada found in 2013 that the GN was not meeting targets for implementing Inuit language education, including failing to train sufficient Inuit Language-speaking teachers and language specialists, NTI's claim reads.The audit found that the pace of the development of Inuit language curriculum and learning materials over a 10-year period was only at 50 per cent.
  3. Hi there! Below is a massive list of inuit words - that is, words related to inuit. There are 500 inuit-related words in total, with the top 5 most semantically related being nunavut, greenland, arctic, eskimo and alaska.You can get the definition(s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it

Define Inuktitut. Inuktitut synonyms, Inuktitut pronunciation, Inuktitut translation, English dictionary definition of Inuktitut. n. An Inuit language of Canada. It is the official language of Nunavut and Nunavik. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,. Inuktitut (Eskimo/Inuit Language) Inuktitut is a member of the Eskimo-Aleut language family which is spoken across the entire northern span of North America, forming what is called a linguistic chain--each Inuktitut dialect is easily mutually intelligible with its neighbors, but not with dialects further away. For practical purposes, linguistic chains are treated as a single language, and so.

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Inuit Language. The promotion and protection of the Inuit language has long been a major priority for the Inuit Circumpolar Conference. In 2002, when the Kuujjuaq Declaration was adopted by the General Assembly delegates, it was no different. However, despite the strong direction given by the Assembly for the Inuit Language Commission to. A linguistic recommendation from the Translation Bureau on how to use Inuit and Inuk in English and how to use Inuit in French. Inuit, Inuk (Linguistic recommendation from the Translation Bureau) - Writing Tips Plus - Writing Tools - Resources of the Language Portal of Canada - Languages - Canadian identity and society - Culture, history and sport - Canada.c Inuit Languages - Writing Writing Because the Inuit language is spread over such a large area, divided between different nations and political units and originally reached by Europeans of different origins at different times, there is no uniform way of writing the Inuit language The Inupiat languages are also known as Inupiatun, Inupiaq, Iñupiaq, Inyupiaq, Inyupiat, Inyupeat, Inyupik, Inupik, Inupiaq, or Alaskan Inuit.They are a group of dialects of the Inuit languages, spoken by the Inupiat people in northern and northwestern Alaska. The Inupiat language is a member of the Yupik-Inuit languages Young Inuit children in Canada. In 2006, the Census counted about 7,000 Inuit children under the age of six in Canada. Most (84%) lived in one of four regions that comprise Inuit Nunangat 1 which means 'Inuit homeland' in the Inuit language. These regions are: Nunatsiavut in northern Labrador, Nunavik in northern Quebec, the territory of Nunavut, and the Inuvialuit region in the Northwest.

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Inuit language and Arctic policy. In 2018-19 five students were awarded a FLAS Fellowship in Inuktitut, including, from left, Elizabeth Wessells, Archaeology; Ginger Farrell, Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Linguistics; Sara Laurino, School of Social Work; and Ellen Ahlness, Political Science. Elena Bell, International Studies is also a. Ultimately, this lack of language education may lead to the extinction of Inuktitut and to the loss of thousands of years of precious Inuit knowledge, oral tradition, and identity. Thus, schools and local communities need to implement a policy-one that is fundamentally different from prior attempts-to supplement the instruction of Inuit language in order to ensure the longevity of Inuktitut

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Language Inuktitut Region. Native to: Canada, United States Region: Northwest Territories, Nunatsiavut (Newfoundland and Labrador), Nunavik (Quebec), Nunavut, Alaska Official language in: Nunavut Northwest Territories. Users. 39,475. more. Join over 600.000 users and help us build the best dictionary in the world Inuktitut ᖃᓂᐅᔮᖅᐸᐃᑦ (Qaniujaaqpait) If your community uses a different syllabics chart than what you see being converted here, let us know and we can implement a conversion page specifically for your community. Please contact us if you encounter any errors using this site Inuit Sign Language IUR, Inuktitut: Uukturausingit ᐆᒃᑐᕋᐅᓯᖏᑦ or Atgangmuurngniq ᐊᑦᒐᖕᒨᕐᖕᓂᖅ is an Indigenous sign language isolate native to Inuit Nunangat The Inuit languages are part of the Eskimo Aleut family. Inuit Sign Language is a critically endangered language isolate used in Nunavut. Inuit live Proto - Inuit is the reconstructed proto - language of the. Language: The Inuit and Aleut languages can be traced back to a common ancestor, referred to as the Eskimaleut language family. From there, languages branch off into two main categories: languages are spoken in the Eastern branch geographically covering Eastern Canada, parts of Northeastern Alaska, and Greenland

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IQALUIT, Nunavut, September 5, 2008 - Young Inuit people will have the opportunity to learn about their language and culture and gain traditional knowledge, thanks to an investment by the Government of Canada. The Honourabl le Chuck Strahl, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, on behalf of the Honourable Josée Verner. Inuit), where all resources are, presumably, equally available to everybody. Ethnic identity is thus strongly linked to politics, defined as the power to control and regulate the availability and distribution of resources. Language and Cultural Identity In the Canadian Eastern Arctic, the language of the Inuit is still very much in use Inuit Inuit language is divided into two groups, Inupik and Yupik, Inupik being the majority. The introduction of christianity replaced many traditional inuit practices, however some remain. Inuit observe the holidays of the Christianity calendar. Feast called potlatch was held when a new totem pole was raised. The Inuit live in Russia, Canada, USA and Greenland

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The Inuit languages are a closely related group of Native American languages traditionally spoken across the North American Arctic and to some extent in the subarctic in Labrador. The related Yupik languages are spoken in western and southern Alaska and in the far east of Russia, but are severely endangered in Russia today and spoken only in a few villages on the Chukchi Peninsula Language Training. The Government of Nunavut (GN) is committed to strengthening Nunavut's official languages in the public service. As part of this commitment, the GN delivers language training to Nunavut's public servants in Inuktut (Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun), French and English. The GN also works to enable the Inuit language as the. Inuktitut is the mother tongue spoken by the majority while English is the second language for most. During the 1950s, the Inuit changed very quickly from a semi-nomadic to a sedentary people and had to adapt to centuries of technological advances over a few short decades. This drastically changed their way of life Der Inuit Language Protection Act von Nunavut definiert lediglich den Dialekt im westlichen Kitikmeot (Cambridge Bay/Iqaluktuuttiaq, Kugluktuk/Qurluktuk) als Inuinnaqtun, alle anderen Dialekte in Nunavut als Inuktitut, nimmt also eine Ost-West-Grenze zwischen Natsilingmiutut und Inuinnaqtun an. Für Letzteres spricht zum einen die Endung -t in Natsilingmiutut gegenüber -n weiter westlich, zum. One of four people working as directors in Canada's first federal office of Indigenous languages is Inuk. Nunavik's Robert Watt, a former school board commissioner, will now be working to preserve Inuit languages and dialects across Inuit Nunangat in his new role as director in the Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages, Steven Guilbeault