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Vietnamese iced coffee (or cà phê sữa đá) is a beverage native to Vietnam that has gained immense popularity and a huge fan base over the last few years. To fully understandwhyVietnamese iced coffee has captivated the hearts of so many coffee lovers, we need to take a look at Vietnamese coffee itself Vietnamese style iced coffee (ca phe sua da or cà phê sữa đá) is super easy to make and all you need is a stainless steel filter that costs around $7 USD online.If you live in a city with a Vietnamese grocery store, you will likely find them even cheaper. Vietnamese coffee can be served hot, but for this tutorial, we are going to brew an iced coffee that is both strong and sweet Vietnamese Iced Coffee is an intensely brewed coffee concentrate that drips down into a tall glass of ice and a big spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. To make Vietnamese Iced Coffee, start with medium grind French Roast coffee, brew in a Vietnamese coffee press with 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and then pour over ice Hi everyone, welcome to Putrys Place. Today i make Vietnamese Iced Coffee at home using intant coffee nescafe and it's super easy. Enjoy the video #icedcof..

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  1. g a major economic force in the country. After an interruption during and immediately following the Vietnam War, production rose once again after Đổi mới economic reforms, making.
  2. Vietnamese iced coffee is known for being strong, sweet, and refreshing. Luckily, you don't have to fly to Vietnam (or your favorite coffee shop) to enjoy it. It's very easy to make at home using just a few simple ingredients. You can buy a Vietnamese coffee press, but you can also use a coffee brewing method that you already own
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How much caffeine is in Vietnamese iced coffee? Vietnamese coffee brands typically use 100% Robusta coffee beans, which have almost twice the caffeine (2.7%) of Arabica beans (1.5%). So an iced coffee made with Vietnamese coffee will have a higher caffeine content than one made with Arabica coffee beans more commonly found in the West. Why is Vietnamese iced coffee so strong Vietnam has a long and rich coffee history dating back to the 1800s. With it has come many unique and delicious coffee beverages. As a coffee lover living in Vietnam for the past 7 years, I won't deny that Vietnamese coffees were a pleasant and unique surprise when I first arrived The Vietnamese iced coffee starbucks is a very good flavored coffee to enjoy on a hot day! People can't seem to get enough of the vietnamese iced coffee from starbucks. Some believe starbucks makes vietnamese coffee even better and sweeter than . Thegadgettrend is an appliance blog Vietnamese Iced Coffee in a French Press. Made in 5 minutes, this Vietnamese iced coffee is easy and delicious. Coffee is made in a French press. It's sweet and creamy, with a caffeine kick. No need for a Phin, a traditional Vietnamese coffee maker and filter. The French press mimics the Phin by letting coffee grounds steep in hot water Iced coffee is a coffee beverage served cold. It may be prepared either by brewing coffee in the normal way and then serving it over ice or in cold milk, or by brewing the coffee cold.In hot brewing, sweeteners and flavoring may be added before cooling, as they dissolve faster. Iced coffee can also be sweetened with pre-dissolved sugar in water

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  1. However if you want something a little different try this Vietnamese Iced Coffee cold brew coffee recipe. To start off you will first need to make your standard cold brew coffee recipe and below are the ingredients you will need. Ingredients for coffee: ½ pound of coarsely ground coffee beans. 4 ½ cups of cold water. Cheesecloth. Coffee filter
  2. Thai iced coffee and Vietnamese iced coffee are made from strong, dark coffee beans, but they are brewed using different methods. Thai iced coffee is brewed using a coffee sock filter. Vietnamese iced coffee is brewed using a phin. Thai iced coffee also adds in spices that the other coffee does not
  3. Deselect All. 2 to 3 teaspoons sweetened condensed milk. 2 to 3 teaspoons medium-fine ground French roast coffee. Boiling water, as needed. Ice cubes, as neede
  4. Taste and, if it's too intense, splash in hot water to dilute. Iced coffee with condensed milk: Stir together 1/2 cup coffee with 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk. Put 4 or 5 ice cubes in a tall glass. Pour the coffee over the ice and stir with a long spoon or chopstick to chill and slightly dilute

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Vietnamese iced coffee is generally made with a small metal filter called a phin that sits on top of the glass you are brewing into. It doesn't have to be, though. For our purposes it is totally sufficient if you just brew the coffee to a really strong concentration Sahra Nguyen, founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, demonstrates how to use the phin method to brew three types of Vietnamese coffee: hot, iced and coconut coffee.. Vietnamese iced milk coffee is a classic morning delight for many of Viet Nam. What sets Vietnamese coffee apart—in my opinion—is how much darker the roast is compared to American coffee. Put it this way: the darkest American coffee bean is probably the lightest Vietnamese coffee bean Add ice (or pour stirred coffee into a second glass of ice), stir again, and serve. Add extra sweetened condensed milk, if desired. Keywords: how to make vietnamese coffee, vietnamese iced coffee, vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed mil What is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a cold coffee drink made from brewing Vietnamese medium-ground dark roast coffee. When sweetened condensed milk is added, it is called ca phe sua da (or cafe sua da). The version without milk is called ca phe den da. I have been avoiding iced coffee at Vietnamese coffee shops for a long time because it never tastes good

Fun Facts: Vietnamese Coffee doesn't just come sweetened and iced here's a quick summary of common options found in Vietnamese coffee shops: Cà Phê Sữa Đá (literally - Coffee Milk Ice) This is the most popular Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe. A base of sweetened condensed milk, over which about 2 oz of potent coffee is brewed using a individual serving size filter Vietnamese Iced Coffee is the best sweet iced coffee drink! Vietnamese Coffee is a little different than traditional iced coffee. The flavor is a strong brewed coffee combined with sweetened condensed milk and crushed ice. I must say it's an addicting kind of iced coffee. You'll want to make it often! What kind of coffee is best to use for Vietnamese Iced Coffee Our Iced Latte recipe turns your favorite morning beverage into a refreshing drink Vietnamese iced coffee is brewed with hot water; most online recipes say 190-195F, but these instructions are for super dark roasted robusta. If you're using specialty coffee, you want a starting water temperature of 200-205F. Steep and Brewing Times The target brew time for Vietnamese Iced coffee is similar to a press pot brew: around 4 minutes

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When in Vietnamese, Drink like a Vietnamese. We mean Vietnamese Iced Coffee! Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can't go to Vietnam anymore, at least not anytime soon. But we can bring Vietnamese Iced Latte to our home. Even in this rainy season, a hot espresso lover would prefer a glass of Iced Latte Coffee: Dark Roast or French Roast works best for making Vietnamese iced coffee. The one used for making espresso, South Indian filter coffee, or the one used in French Press is perfect for this iced coffee. Increase or decrease the amount of coffee or brew time as per your taste preference (how strong or light you like coffee) Vietnamese iced coffee used medium coarse ground dark roast coffee with a metal coffee filter called phin. After hot water is added to the filter, the filter will drop coffee slowly into a cup. We serve coffee with condense milk, and over ice. The sweet, thick and strong coffee is balanced out with condense milk, resulting a strong.

Vietnamese iced coffee - a how-to guide with tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions. For coffee lovers around the world, the search for perfection is endless. There are so many flavors and styles out there just waiting to be tried, tasted or discovered Step 1. Pour sweetened condensed milk into a tall, narrow heatproof glass. Advertisement. Step 2. Remove lid and insert from filter. Place coffee in base of filter; tap to settle into an even layer. Place insert on top of coffee grounds and adjust to even out grounds and secure in place (do not pack). Place filter on top of glass. Step 3 Vietnamese iced milk coffee (ca phe sua da) is the most popular coffee drink in Vietnam. It's a refreshing caffeinated drink, perfect for the hot and humid Vietnam weather. Since it's getting close to Winter here and I'm one who can't regulate my own body heat for the life of me (says the husband), I rely on hot Vietnamese milk coffee (ca phe sua nong) this time of year to keep me warm

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Phin Coffee Club presents a bold, new Vietnamese coffee. Grown and harvested in Vietnam, our coffee comes ready to be turned into original Vietnamese iced coffee and other exciting coffee treats Coffee and Caffeine Content. For the most part, the longer you roast coffee beans, the less caffeine they have after roasting.But, it also highly depends on the caffeine content of the actual coffee beans. Here's how Vietnamese coffee compares to other types of coffee in terms of caffeine Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe | Allrecipes great www.allrecipes.com. Spoon 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into each of 4 coffee cups. Pour 1 cup of fresh hot coffee into each cup, and stir to dissolve the milk. Advertisement. Step 2

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Ice cubes. Instructions. Step coffee powder in cold water in the refrigerator for 12 to 14 hour. filtered it and Collect the decoction. Take two glass, add condensed milk .Add ice cubes and Coffee decoction as per your taste. Mix and serve.Vietnamese Iced Coffee is ready Vietnamese coffee is the best iced coffee and I'm not just say' n that because I grew up on it. Seriously, nothing beats the strong brew with the condensed milk. Funny thing is, Matt can't stand coffee but loves Vietnamese coffee Vietnamese Iced Coffee Blend. Vietnamese iced coffee is renowned for using robusta beans. Vietnam is a place where Robusta is easy to grow, where the Arabica bean has trouble growing. In the states, you'll often find Cafe du Monde brand used to make Vietnamese iced coffee

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  1. How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee (recipe) · 2 to 4 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk!) Place ground coffee in Vietnamese coffee press and screw lid down on the grounds. Put the sweetened condensed milk in the bottom of a coffee cup and set the coffee maker on the rim. Pour near boiling water over the screw lid of the.
  2. Vietnamese coffee is a medium-to-dark roasted coffee, traditionally brewed in a small drip filter (called a phin). The most popular way to enjoy Vietnamese coffee is to mix it with sweetened condensed milk and serve it over ice
  3. What coffee to use for Vietnamese iced coffee. In theory, you can use any dark-roast coffee but I strongly recommend going to the trouble of getting some authentic Vietnamese coffee. I love the Gourmet Blend from Trung Nguyen Coffee which I order on-line. They carry the traditional one-cup (phin) filters as well
  4. My friend, Philip ordered a Vietnamese iced coffee (cà phê sua dá), so he had the same setup along with another glass filled with ice. When our coffees were done dripping, we stirred them to combine the coffee and condensed milk. Mine was ready to enjoy. Philip poured his coffee into the glass full of ice, and voila
  5. Vietnamese iced coffee, one of my all time favorite coffee drinks, inspired this beautiful Vietnamese iced coffee cake. The recipe starts with two layers of a VERY strong coffee-flavored cake. These layers are then combined together and covered with a toasted, sweetened condensed milk frosting
  6. If you've had Vietnamese Iced Coffee (or cà phê đá by its actual name) you'll know how tasty the drink is. Made traditionally with coarse ground, dark roast coffee, and using the drip filter.

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  1. Vietnamese iced coffee recipe. Posted on July 16, 2020 August 17, 2020 by Scott. Coffee in Vietnam is more about ritual than caffeine consumption. The practice of making coffee is given time and thought rather than being rushed
  2. Of all the canned goods out there, sweetened condensed milk might be our favorite. It's basically milk with the water content removed and sugar added back in, and it's the secret to making this Vietnamese iced coffee, or cà phê đá, from Jessica Elliott Dennison's Tin Can Magic. This isn't a recipe as such, Dennison writes, but more of a guide for you to play around with.
  3. Vietnamese iced-coffee with milk is what it says it is. A super-concentrated drip coffee on the bottom of a cup mixed with an equal amount of super-sweet condensed milk and a generous amount of ice cubes. As you mix the three together, the ice cubes melt and the resulting liquid becomes what is famously known as traditional Vietnamese Iced Milk.
  4. Vietnamese Iced Coffee: One of the most fabulous beverages known to man and woman-kinds alike is the sublime Vietnamese Iced Coffee, or Café Sua Da (or even, cà phê sữa đá, to further transliterate). This coffee, a rich french dark roast with chicory, made in a special ve
  5. Vietnamese iced coffee or cà phê sữa đá as it is called in Vietnamese is a strong, bitter robusta coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice. It uses a special Vietnamese Coffee filter also called a phin. The phin has three main parts: the brew chamber with drip tray, the spreader, and the lid

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That said, baking is not my strong suit. It's one of those things I want to be better at. I hope this recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee muffins acts as a solid concept recipe, and I would love to see how it evolves! These intense coffee muffins are iced with just a hint of a sweetened condensed milk glaze Cách Song serves Vietnamese inspired iced coffee piped through a draught system. Brent fell in love with Vietnamese iced coffee a decade ago on a visit to Asia and with several successful food businesses, including the Getta Burger chain in Brisbane, it seemed only natural to bring this concept to life Dark chicory coffee and sweetened condensed milk are key to a good Vietnamese iced coffee. We make ours dairy-free by making our own coconut condensed milk. Serves 1. 1 16.9-oz. Real Coco Original Coconut Creamer 2 tbsp. Stevia or agave syrup 2 tbsp. dark-roast ground chicory coffee (preferably Cafe Du Monde

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  1. Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The world's second-largest producer of coffee, Vietnam accounts for nearly 20% of all coffee exported globally. Robusta, their most widely grown variety, is known for high levels of caffeine and slightly bitter notes. However, the coffee's bitterness is easily offset by adding ice and a good glug of sweetened.
  2. Vietnamese Coffee Beans Vietnamese coffee beans from Nguyen Coffee Supply. Before I talk about the brewing method for Vietnamese iced coffee, I wanted to talk about the star of the showthe coffee beans. You don't absolutely have to use Vietnamese coffee beans to make Vietnamese iced coffee, but you should if possible
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  4. Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Ca Phe Sua Da is a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe, made with strong brewed coffee, condensed milk and ice. If you're not particularly fond of black coffee, then you have to try it. The coffee is very creamy, velvety and has a nice sweet flavor, without being loaded with sugar
  5. Iced coffee has become TikTok's favourite drink and this summer, the Vietnamese take on the drink has proven particularly popular on the app. If you're not ready to let go of iced coffee just.
  6. Anyone who has visited Vietnam, or knows someone who has, will be aware of how folk rave about the famous 'ca phe sua da' ('Coffee - Milk - Ice'). Or as most refer to it, Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The combination of sweet condensed milk with a chocolate flavoured coffee is a beautiful and harmonious relationship
  7. Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe. STEP 01. Brew your Starbucks ® Caffè Verona ® ground coffee. For optimal taste, we recommend using the pour-over method. STEP 02. Pour your brewed coffee over ice and leave some room at the top. STEP 03. Pour your sweetened condensed milk into the top of the glass. STEP 04

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Spiked Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Even when I was little, coffee candy was one of my favorite candies. I also loved to sneak sips of my Aunt's coffee, she loved it laced with plenty of sugar and cream. Yum. I usually drink my coffee black, but I can still appreciate a Vietnamese Iced Coffee every now and then Apr 3, 2019 - Explore Moonbeamstardust's board Vietnamese Iced Coffee on Pinterest. See more ideas about coffee, coffee drinks, yummy drinks This 2-Ingredient Vietnamese Iced Coffee Will Upgrade Your Daily Grind Raven Ishak. Jun 17, 2016. There's something about coffee that easily makes our hearts flutter. It gives us the best afternoon pick-me-up and it tastes so good that sometimes we just need to have three to four cups of coffee in a day

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Vietnamese iced coffee is also known as cà phê đá or cafe da which is translated to iced coffee. Traditionally, it is made with coffee brewed in a Phin (Vietnamese coffee filter) which then drips slowly and directly over a cup already containing sweetened condensed milk Vietnamese Iced Coffee; Brew espresso via your method of choice. Serve espresso in a glass over an ice cube. Drizzle in the dairy-free sweetened condensed milk. show recommended recipes + hide recommended recipes x. Savory Sesame Miso Oats. Eggnog Chia Pudding. write a review Starbucks Hack: Vietnamese iced coffee. June 15, 2020, 12:12 PM. This Starbucks hack will show you how to order a Vietnamese iced coffee. Latest Stories. Yahoo Life Shopping 'My feet never hurt!' Natural Vietnamese Coffee. 571 likes · 1 was here. The Special vietnamese coffee. 100% Natural coffee

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And Vietnamese Iced Coffee Cookies is my exception and also is my favorite up to now. Once I found them, I feel that my life is getting more enjoyable. Whether is breakfast, lunch or dinner, I also can sip some for whole day. The simple reason,. To make Vietnamese iced coffee, pour the filtered coffee into a glass filled with ice. Similar to the hot version, you can use sweetened condensed milk to sweeten and flavor the iced coffee. Personally, I like this iced, sweetened preparation of Vietnamese coffee the best—that's why I made this cake! But we'll get to that shortly, I promise Iced coffee is our all-time favorite pick-me-up, especially on a hot afternoon — and, let's be real, sometimes you need caffeine and dessert simultaneously. There's something about the combination of toasty, roasty coffee and icy, creamy sweetness that sends shivers up our spine. Since experimenting with being your own barista is so much fun, throw on an apron and try your hand at making one.

Vietnamese Iced coffee. Sip, savour, and enjoy. It's fresh, it's delicious, and - best of all - it's all yours. Like Liked 10. IT'S GREAT MADE WITH This iced coffee is both strong and syrupy sweet, which is a perfect combo for those days when you need a little extra oomph. How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee. There are two ways to make Vietnamese coffee -- the authentic way, and the more Americanized way. We'll show you how to do both

Vietnamese Iced coffee is a bit different from regular iced coffee. This method of preparation, like its name, originated from Vietnam, and its popularity is spreading fast worldwide. Its end product is a bit stronger than the iced coffee, and you can serve it with different dairy products Vietnamese iced coffee is a strong coffee that has been sweetened with condensed milk and chilled on ice. This coffee is also known as Café Sua Da or Ca Phe Sua Da and is hugely popular in Vietnam. You can also find this delicious coffee in some cafes in other parts of the world If you love creamy and sweet coffee, then the Vietnamese coffee, also called Cà Phê Sűa, should be next on your to try list! This type of coffee is a strong, yet creamy coffee that can suit a variety of tastes and stands out from your regular daily coffee with cream. History of Vietnamese Coffee Coffee was first introduced to people in Vietnam by the French in 1857. Since then, land. If you've been to a Vietnamese phở restaurant, you'll probably have seen someone order Cà Phê Sữa Da (Vietnamese coffee). It is served with the coffee slowly dripping through a stainless steel filter (phin), condensed milk on the bottom, along with a tall glass of ice

Vietnamese iced coffee is exactly what you've been looking for. It's a traditional coffee recipe originating from Asia. But we can also thank the French for introducing coffee to Vietnam for this lovely recipe My absolute FAVORITE kind of coffee is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Traditionally this is made with strong Vietnamese coffee and Sweetened Condensed Milk. But, I have to have my Starbucks. So, I invented a Vietnamese Iced Fill glass with 2 oz. fairlife whole milk. Place two tablespoons chicory coffee in an individual percolator. Fill water chamber of percolator with water. Once brewed, remove percolator and stir milk and coffee. Add ice. Enjoy. Filed Under: Breakfast. Tagged With: coffee, iced coffee, vietnamese coffee, fairlife. BACK TO TOP Guide on How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It is very important that you know how to make Vietnamese coffee properly for a great taste. Below guide will give you the best Vietnamese coffee recipe. 1. First of all, start by pouring one or more tablespoons of the condensed milk into the tall glass in the amount that suits your taste Ingredients: Coffee. Vietnamese black iced-coffee is what it says it is. A super-concentrated drip coffee on the bottom of a cup mixed with a generous amount of ice cubes. As you mix the two together, the ice cubes melt and the resulting liquid becomes more drinkable. However, keep in mind that Vietnamese coffee is super strong and fairly bitter

Stir the ice well until the ice melt that make the coffee become very cold and raise the coffee volumn up enough for you to drink it. You don't have to have the Vietnamese coffee brew, just remember to put very little water into the coffee. The more bitter the coffee drops the better. That's what make Vietnamese coffee style unique and special Make your delicious Vietnamese style iced coffee, instantly, with this easy-to-make at home recipe. Coffee is extremely popular in Vietnam, where it was first introduced by French colonists in the 1850s. For the Vietnamese, coffee is more than just a drink with a shot of energy, it's a way of life. Vietnamese cafes range from small outlets to sleek, contemporary coffee shops with trained.

Vietnamese Coffees. If you recall, coffee plays a significant part in the Vietnamese economy. This being so, Vietnam's coffee culture is something special to explore. Here are just a few of the coffees you might find if you travelled to Vietnam: Cà Phê Sữa Nóng / đá (Vietnamese milk coffee hot / iced You're Reading: what is the difference between thai iced coffee and vietnamese iced coffee. Distinction Between Vietnamese Iced Espresso and Thai Iced Espresso. Vietnamese iced espresso is made generally with robusta beans and is brewed utilizing a drip equipment seeping excessive of candy, condensed milk

Here's how you make the perfect vietnamese iced coffee. Brew a batch of cold brew coffee. I place 2 cups of ground coffee in 8 cups of water and let it sit all day or overnight. To avoid any grounds in the coffee, I strain it first and then let it drip through a coffee filter into my glass bottle In Vietnam, iced coffee is a daily ritual for most. Dark roasted Robusta beans harvested from verdant Vietnamese hills are slow-dripped and combined with sweetened condensed milk, then poured over ice for a decadent, buzz-inducing beverage This Vietnamese-style inspired coffee combines concentrated cold-brewed coffee with ice and condensed milk, for a cold and refreshing drink. Traditionally Vietnamese iced coffee is made with a stainless steel metal filter. I know this is not that Finally, Someone Bottled Vietnamese Iced Coffee A new way to drink an old favorite hits the shelves—invented by a Houstonian, naturally. By Katharine Shilcutt September 3, 2013 Published in the. Overview. This freshly brewed iced coffee blend is chilled and sweetened over ice. You can add it to all of the iced coffees and customize it with milk, flavors, toppings, such as whipped cream, and syrups, such as hazelnut syrup, chocolate syrup, or caramel syrup

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee Pops. Level. Easy. Prep. 10 minutes. Servings. Makes 10 servings. Everyone loves an ice pop on a hot summer day - and this refreshing treat just got a whole lot sweeter. With a combination of cream, milk and a dash of instant coffee, these pops are a *literally* cool take on the whipped coffee trend It's coffee so good, the first time I drank it I felt as if I'd not really ever tasted real coffee before. So deep & rich & flavorful and ORGANIC. My favorite is their Vietnamese Iced Coffee.. They serve wonderful breakfast & salads & pastries. I like going here because not only is the coffee top notch, but the company mission supports fair trade practices & foster projects like supporting. I am an absolute caffeine addict and must have a cup of coffee every morning-no, not Starbucks, but cafe sua da -Vietnamese iced coffee. Cafe sua da is coffee made with rich dark French roasted coffee with chicory (an herb that's roasted and used to flavor coffee) and condensed milk over ice