Flink synonym

Introduction to Flink in 30 minutes

Massive Scale Data Processing at Netflix using Flink - Snehal Nagmote & Pallavi Phadnis

  1. Using Flink SQL on Ververica Platform
  2. Flink Deep Dive - Concepts and Real Examples
  3. SPONSORED Interactive Session: AMA | Pulsar and Flink for Unified Data Processing
  4. SPONSORED Interactive Session: Running Flink SQL jobs in production
  5. SPONSORED Talk: Maintaining highly available Flink applications at scale

Kubernetes + Operator + PaaSTA = Flink @ Yelp - Antonio Verardi

  1. Scalable Stream Processing: A Survey of Storm, Samza, Spark and Flink by Felix Gessert
  2. AWS re:Invent 2020: Building real-time applications using Apache Flink
  3. A Deep Dive into Apache Kafka This is Event Streaming by Andrew Dunnings & Katherine Stanley
  4. Building Streaming Microservices with Apache Kafka - Tim Berglund
  5. Flink Vs Spark | Difference between Flink & Spark - Apache Flink Tutorial
  6. Streaming Concepts & Introduction to Flink - Event Time and Watermarks
  7. Streaming Concepts & Introduction to Flink - Flink’s Runtime Architecture & Deployment Options

Apache Kafka in 5 minutes

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