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  1. A discrete transponder code (often called a squawk code) is assigned by air traffic controllers to identify an aircraft uniquely in a flight information region (FIR). The use of the word squawk comes from the system's origin in the World War II identification friend or foe (IFF) system, which was code-named Parrot
  2. Read on to learn more about what SQUAWK means, the history of the term, and the technology that makes it all possible. SQUAWK: A Basic Definition SQUAWKing is the process of communicating between the air and the ground, the process is essential for keeping planes in the air safe and ensuring a smooth and manageable air traffic control process, both for pilots and air traffic controllers
  3. What is a squawk in aviation maintenance? A squawk sheet is a form which is filed with the maintenance log and aircraft records. It is used for a pilot to report aircraft problems and for the maintenance engineer to record the subsequent corrective actions taken to fix the problems
  4. What Does Squawk Code Mean in Aviation? When we talk about airline communication, there is a common term often heard by most of us called squawk. Squawk is basically a 4-digit code used by airplanes for communication in the air and airplane as communication between the airplane and the controlling centre at the airport
  5. Squawk is the term used to describe any transmission that comes from the aircraft's transponder. The transponder is a special radio that communicates with the air traffic controller's radar system

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Squawk codes were initially created to identify friendly aircraft by the allied forces during WWII. Today they are an integral part of aviation, both as a means of coordinating massive amounts of sky traffic and communication between the pilots and ATC A squawk code is a code assigned by Air Traffic Control that pilots enter into their transponder that identifies the aircraft on the controllers screen. Squawk codes are 4 digit numbers with each digit in the range of 0 to 7, and correspond to a particular flight In Aviation, a Squawk code is a common term for a Transponder Code. Squawk 2345 and Ident But it is also commonly a way to report problems with an airplane. After I landed, I Squawk'd the broken ADF, and marked it INOP Do these two terms share a common history? Is it purely coincidence that the same term is used for such different meanings A discrete transponder code (often called a squawk code) is assigned by air traffic controllers to identify an aircraft uniquely in a flight information region (FIR). This allows easy identification of aircraft on radar squawk (plural squawks) A shrill noise , especially made by a voice or bird ; a yell , scream , or call . ( aviation ) A four-digit transponder code used by aircraft for identification or transmission of emergency signals

In English this basically means it is a device in an airplane that sends a signal back to a radar screen in an Air Traffic Control facility. On this radar screen the controllers can see the aircraft's Squawk Code, along with the aircraft's position, altitude, and its call sign Visual flight rules (VFR) flight standard squawk code used in North American airspace when no other has been assigned or is applicable. 1201 US: Assigned via FAR 93.95 for use by VFR aircraft in the immediate vicinity of LAX. US (Visual flight rules (VFR) glider operations for gliders not in contact with ATC, through February 2012.) 1202 U CALL CAPTAN JOE: https://bit.ly/3z6XOeR GET YOUR AIRPLANE MODEL HERE: https://bit.ly/3bgzSNP GET YOUR CJ KEYRING HERE: https://bit.ly. a Squawk is generally a term referring to the transponder setting, a 4-digit code that is returned back to the Air Traffic Control radar system, to positively identify a particular aircraft. When an aircraft enters a controller's airspace, they may ask the pilot to Squawk #### which will then allow the controller to follow that particular aircraft and know who to address Since World War II, squawking has evolved somewhat, and today a squawk refers to a discrete transponder code. These codes are four digit numbers that each respond to secondary surveillance radar interrogation signals sent by ATC to uniquely identify an aircraft on a radar

Aircraft: Cessna 235JM is a Cessna 172, slant golf, 10 mile east of Camarillo airport, 8,500 feet, heading direct to Santa Barbara, request flight following (Slant golf means that the aircraft is equipped with GPS) Aircraft: Cess235JM Approved, Squawk 0238, Los Angeles Altimeter 30.0 Squawk: A temporary code provided from ATC to a pilot or crew which provides identification of an aircraft. It consists of four digits. Pilots receive a different squawk for each flight squawk - utter a harsh abrupt scream. skreigh, screak, screech, skreak. cry, scream, shout out, yell, squall, shout, holler, hollo, call - utter a sudden loud cry; she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle; I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me. 2 Most of the mestiming information, but public information available on flight radars - including Flightradar24, FlightWar, and Adsbx - Ã ¢ € Squawk. - That four-dwelling code connected to an aircraft On a radar. Example: Créda: AdsbxThis Beechcraft 350i is squawking 4401 at the coronated naval base in San Diego, California The most commonly known squawk codes are those used for emergency purposes namely SQUAWK 7500 - HIJACK meaning the A/C has been hijacked and requires immediate assistance from ground support and law enforcement agencies, SQUAWK 7600 - LOST COMMUNICATIONS denoting the A/C has lost contact with the ground and would likely be guided using aviation light signals, SQUAWK 7700.

Video shows what squawk means. A shrill noise, especially made by a voice or bird; a yell, scream, or call.. A four-digit transponder code used by aircraft f.. SQUAWK CHARLIE. definition. SQUAWK CHARLIE. Which means set your transponder to ( Mode C or ALT) which transmits altitude and position information. ALT is the code you should have selected at all time except in the circuit, it should then be on standby Well, I was away from my computer eating, so I told my sister to set up my flight for me (set flaps, interact with tower, etc.), and she could do it no problem. After I came back, she was starting to fly the plane (not to mention, my 747). And after take-off, when it said squawk 6005, she didn't know what squawk meant. So I said it had something to do with the transponder, but she didn't. Squawk can be used as a noun (Say your assigned squawk), an adjective (Squawk code is 2345), or as a verb (Squawk 5423). Mayday — Mayday — meaning emergency — is a word that hopefully you won't ever have to use. The word is derived from the French term m'aider meaning help me This is often used by the controller to locate the aircraft amongst others by requesting the ident function from the pilot (i.e. Cessna 123AB, squawk 0363 and ident). Ident can also be used in case of a reported or suspected radio failure to determine if the failure is only one way and whether the pilot can still transmit or receive but not both (i.e. Cessna 123AB, if you read, squawk ident)

squawk definition: 1. (of a bird) to make an unpleasantly loud, sharp noise: 2. to shout, scream, or cry in a loud. Learn more Squawking 7700—In-flight Emergencies from a Pilot's Perspective. By Ian Petchenik. 2015-10-08. We track hundreds of thousands of flights every day and invariably a few will declare an emergency and possibly squawk 7700 during the day. This common occurrence often leads to numerous questions about what the flight is doing and why Prior to departure all aircraft are given a specific squawk code and this code shows up on ATC screens and helps the ATC guide that particular A/C with their speed, altitude and more. These codes are not to be confused with Conspicuity codes, which are not necessarily unique to an A/C and are used to convey information to the ATC possibly when the A/C is not in radio contact with the ground 7600 means you have lost communication with air traffic control, and 7500 means I've been hijacked. If you squawk 7500 the controller will covertly respond, Confirm you are squawking 7500. If you confirm, your flight will be carefully monitored, and you can expect law enforcement personnel to surround your airplane

The squawk was written by an airline test pilot who was in the process of testing the autoland equipment that his airline was installing on its fleet of aircraft. The pilot's entry read, Autoland carried out. The aircraft landed very firmly and well to the left of centerline. Most unsatisfactory. 2000. Aircraft from non SSR environment or on the aerodrome surface: 2001-2077: Transit (ORCAM) Shannon: 2100. NATO - CAOC 9 Exercises (activated by NOTAM SSR (Squawk) Codes. These are the 4 digit numbers entered into an aircraft transponder, usually given by the ATC providing them with a radar service unless they are assigned them due to a specific function or displaying them to signify a specific function. These for digit codes contain digits 0 to 7 but will not contain the numbers 8 or 9

Explanation: Air traffic control units use the term squawk when they are assigning an aircraft a transponder code, e.g., Squawk 7421. Squawk or squawking thus can be said to mean select transponder code or I have selected transponder code xxxx.[6 In aviation, we almost never use the word, code. Instead, we call the four digits a squawk. Indeed, the word, squawk is both a noun and a verb. For example, if ATC decides that you should change your current transponder code to 2641, and if you.

According to wikipedia, 7777 is: Non-discrete code used by fixed test transponders (RABMs) to check correctness of radar stations (BITE) (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, USA) DOD interceptor aircraft on active air defense missions and operating without ATC clearance in accordance with FAA Order 7610.4 (USA) 7. level 1. aaronm109246 With most aircraft fitted with a transponder box, here's a list of useful 'squawk' transponder codes for use in certain situations. 1200 - Standard VFR code used in North America. 7000 - Standard VFR code use in Europe. 0021 - VFR code for use in Germany below 5000′. 0022 - VFR code for use in Germany above 5000′ (Squawk ident mean to press the ident button on the transponder. This is used by ATC to identify particular aircraft and is also used in a lost comms situation so even if the aircraft is unable to reply on VHF, if they squawk ident ATC know they are at least able to receive them) Squawk sheet definition is - a report made out by a pilot listing defects observed in an airplane during the flight There are 3 aircraft emergency squawk codes that every pilot needs to know. They are 7500, 7600, and 7700. It's not only important to know what the codes are used for, but also how to avoid switching to these codes in non-emergency situations to avoid setting off alarms in ATC facilities

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  1. stop squawk (mode in use) An instruction from the controller to the pilot meaning, Switch off [the specified mode]. (Used for military aircraft when the controller is unaware of military service requirements for the aircraft to continue operation on another mode.
  2. What is the squawk code for emergency? Aircraft in an emergency, who are not receiving an air traffic service should set the transponder to EMERGENCY (Mode 3A Code 7700) as part of their initial actions. What is a squawk code 7500? 7600 means you have lost communication with air traffic control, and 7500 means I've been hijacked
  3. aircraft identification. clearance limit. designator of the assigned SID, if applicable. cleared level(s) allocated SSR code (squawk/transponder code) any other necessary instructions or information not contained in the SID description, (non-standard departure route,.
  4. Answer (1 of 9): Squawking 7700 in an airplane is like yelling Fire in a theater. It instantly gets everyone's attention in Air Route Traffic Control Centers on the ground. It means setting 7700 in the transponder by turning a little tiny knob until the numbers show up in a window. Transponder..

SQUAWK VFR. To squawk means to dial your transponder to a specific code. The VFR part means transponder code 1200. This is the code that VFR aircraft are advised to use, unless otherwise instructed by an ATC facility. TRAFFIC IN SIGHT. If issued a traffic advisory, this is the phrase used to inform ATC that you have spotted the. Squawk means put a specific code on the transponder. ATC sees these on their radar. With the emergency codes listed above ATC will get a warning and you'll light up on their radar Further to previous comments made in this thread, in the UK, squawk ident of a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) code is required (and these are off the top of my head): If an aircraft is not identified on departure within 3 nm of the airfield-based SSR radar head If the aircraft is entering a NATS sector from a non-autonomous ATC agenc If there is unlawful interference with an aircraft in flight, the pilot-in-command shall attempt to set the transponder to Mode A Code 7500 in order to indicate the situation. If circumstances so warrant, Code 7700 should be used instead. If a pilot has selected Mode A Code 7500 and has been requested to confirm this code by ATC (in accordance. intercepting aircraft. 2. Attempt to establish radio communications with the intercepting aircraft or with the appropriate ATC facility by making a general call on guard (121.5 MHz), giving the identity, position, and nature of the flight. 3. If transponder equipped, squawk 7700 unless otherwise instructed by ATC. 4

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Squawk - A four-digit transponder code given to an aircraft by ATC to allow for simple identification of an aircraft in a given region. Stability - Aircraft are subject to static, dynamic, longitudinal, lateral, and directional stability that impact flying conditions What does squawk mean? To utter a harsh scream; screech. (verb) Dictionary Squawk meaning. skwôk. Filters Meanings (aviation) A four-digit transponder code used by aircraft for identification or transmission of emergency signals. noun. 0. Squawk mode Charlie is a mode that transmits all the data an ATCer needs. In the 737, there's OFF, meaning the transponder won't transmit anything, STBY, which is used when the aircraft is parked up, ALT ON, which transmits just your position and altitude (I believe), and commonly referred to as squawk mode alpha, TA which stands for Traffic Advisory which let's you see traffic on the ND and. Squawk — refers to an aircraft's transponder code, which can be either a standard code (1200 for visual flight rules — VFR) or a discrete code assigned by Air Traffic Control. Squawk can be used as a noun (Say your assigned squawk), an adjective (Squawk code is 2345), or as a verb (Squawk 5423). Mayday — meaning emergency — is a word.

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MSL In Aviation. MSL refers to mean sea level. During different times of the flight, pilots use MSL. MSL is highly important for pilots to be able to fly steady and land safely. MSL allows pilots to measure their altitude above the ocean and seas. MSL is used as a guide by pilots for elevation. Editorial Team 3 Pointer Altimeter So I've heard a couple stories of what the squawk code 7777 means, and no one was sure or positive of what it actually does. So what happens if I squawk 7777? Is my bird going to blow up? Curiosity is killing me Code 7600 refers to squawk code 7600, an emergency transmition code for airplanes. There are three emergency squawk codes for an airplane's transponder: 7500 - Hijacking 7600 - Communications.

SQUAWK: A four-digit number assigned to an aircraft. The pilot can use this number to identify his or her plane when contacting ATC. Stall: An aircraft condition when the angle of attack is so great that the air no longer flows easily over the airfoil. Straight flight: The flight maneuver that causes the aircraft to maintain the same direction. Squawk definition, to utter a loud, harsh cry, as a duck or other fowl when frightened. See more (aviation) An issue or complaint related to aircraft maintenance. 1969, American Aviation (volume 32) We think instructors should stress the importance of writeups on all maintenance squawks after the completion of each flight. More important, something should be done by the aircraft operator to correct such squawks. The American night heron Aircraft without a radio or experiencing a radio failure. No-Show: Passenger with a confirmed reservation, who failed to check-in or board on time. NOTAM: Notices To Airmen. Issued by the country's aviation authority to inform pilots of new or changed aeronautical facilities, services, procedures, or hazards, temporary or permanent

Manned aircraft must squawk—everywhere: The FAA, unfortunately, chose to make ADS-B equipage part of regulations pertaining to airspace and not an aircraft rule, meaning ADS-B isn't part of the basic airworthiness of an aircraft and is only required to fly in specific airspace This means that, although you will never spot a Stealth Helicopter nor Air Force One broadcasting its position, speed, altitude and route on the Web, you can still catch some extremely interesting planes. What does squawk 7700 mean? The third emergency code is Squawk 7700. This code is used to communicate all emergencies onboard a flight

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squawk translate: 發出刺耳尖叫, 大聲抱怨;高聲訴苦. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary SQUAWK brings to high quality phone cases. Your phone is like your better half - Always together. So, it should be protected and made to look great with your individuality, with an amazing phone case. Hard poly-carbonate plastic with a smooth matte finish Case Color - White 3D-wrap sublimation print on sides and bac In aviation, instrument flight rules (IFR) is one of two sets of regulations governing all aspects of civil aviation aircraft operations; the other is visual flight rules (VFR).. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Instrument Flying Handbook defines IFR as: Rules and regulations established by the FAA to govern flight under conditions in which flight by outside visual reference. Aircraft Type Codes, IATA and ICAO 7: IATA Code: ICAO Code: Manufacturer and Aircraft Type / Model: 703: B703: Boeing 707-300 pax: 707: n/a: Boeing 707/720 all pax models: 70F: B703: Boeing 707 Freighter. Acp-logistics.com DA: 21 PA: 35 MOZ Rank: 5 what does squawk 7700 emergency means. This helps to identify the emergency aircraft not only to the air traffic controller who is controlling the airspace the aircraft is in, I can understand the reason to squawk both 7500 and 7600 in the appropriate situation, but I'm failing to understand why squawk 7700 in an emergency scenario

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BY Starlionblue - Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:41 am. - Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:41 am #10772409. Squak is the noise geese make. Squawk on the other hand . As far as I know, when a controller asks a crew to Squawk xxx this means they are to change their transponder to frequency xxx, allowing ATC to identify them by that frequency These emergency squawk codes are established as a worldwide standard by ICAO : 7500 - Aircraft hijacking. 7600 - Radio failure/lost communications. 7700 - General emergency - This indicates any other kind of emergency, for example, an onboard medical emergency or a mechanical problem. It is important to realize that most aircraft emergencies. PHRASEOLOGY−(Identification) RESET TRANSPONDER, SQUAWK (appropriate code). TO REQUEST THE OPERATION OF THE MODE S OR ADS-B IDENT FEATURE SQUAWK IDENT.. BEACON TERMINATIONInform an aircraft when you want it to turn off its transponder.PHRASEOLOGY− STOP SQUAWK.. As with any ATC instruction issued, the pilot should advise ATC if they are unable to comply.Recommendation: It is recommended that. General aviation transponders in the US have a four digit octal code setting, so 'squawking 1200' means to set the transponder to 1200. 'Squawk IDENT' means to push the button labelled 'ID' or 'IDENT' - which causes your blip on the radar screen to embiggen so that the controller can be sure they're looking at the right one

Phraseology Meaning Remarks Pilot: Station, callsign, passing current altitude, climbing (descending) to altitude, other ATC clearances assigned Controller: Callsign, station, radar contact, (squawk new squawk code), (new clearances) The pilot has just been transferred to another controller and contacts him/her announcing the current altitude, the altitude (s)he was cleared to and any other. A discrete transponder code (often called a squawk code) is assigned by air traffic controllers to identify an aircraft uniquely in a flight information region (FIR). Four octal digits can represent up to 4096 different codes, which is why such transponders are sometimes described as '4096 code transponders. For aircraft operating over 18,000 ft MSL, the FAA will require 1090 ES transponders; whereas the 978 UAT transceiver is limited to aircraft that operate no higher than 17,999 ft MSL. However, no country except the U.S. has accepted the 978 MHz UAT format for their ADS-B datalinks; so if you want to fly outside the U.S., you will need the 1090 ES transponder for ADS-B Out 3) Squawk your parrot. To solve the problem, radio operators would have Allied aircraft turn their Parrot transponder on at certain times to identify themselves. When they wanted pilots to turn their transponder on, they would say squawk your Parrot. And that is where the term squawk originated from. RAF

1234 zulu. Departure frequency 124.3, squawk 5270. Departure from an Uncontrolled Field Frasca 141, cleared to Mesquite airport, via when entering controlled airspace, fly heading 090, radar vectors to Mesquite airport. Climb and maintain 2,000. Expect 3,000 10 minutes after departure. Departure frequency 124.3, squawk 5270 Mode C: transmits a Squawk, but also the Aircraft's Pressure Altitude. A Pressure Altitude is an aiecraft's Altitude set to a standard pressure setting: 1013,25hPa or 29.92 inHg Der Transpondercode (umgangssprachlich auch Squawk [skwɔːk]) ist im Luftverkehr eine durch den Piloten einstellbare vierstellige Oktalzahl (Ziffern jeweils 0 - 7), die der Luftfahrzeugtransponder (TPX oder XPDR) bei der Abfrage durch das Sekundärradar der Bodenstation aussendet. Der Transpondercode wird mit dem Radarecho zusammen auf den Radarschirmen der Flugsicherung dargestellt und dient.

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A radar controller observing a 7600 code shall request the pilot to 'squawk IDENT' (which means to activate the SPI function). If the identification signal is received, further control of the aircraft will be continued using the identification transmission to acknowledge receipt of instructions issued I believe squawking mode A(lpha) onlysend thetransponder code.When TCAS is installed, this system will communicate with other TCAS systems and transponders to see if other aircraft are not coming too close and canprovide alerts (TA - Traffic Alert) and TCAS II even avoidance guidance (Resolve Advisory - RA) which givesguidance to the pilot to climbor descend.For online flying FSInn squawk.

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Most aircraft taken on cross-country flights have Mode C capability and automatically transmit aircraft altitude in 100-foot increments, as well as the Mode A squawk (no altitude information) of discrete four-digit codes. Depending upon the specific electronic query received, your transponder will respond with either the discrete code or altitude Squawk (n And V) a transponder identifier code which enables an ATC to identify each aircraft on radar screens. Squawk 6422 means select transmission code 6422. Pilots may sometimes use the expression 'Squawking 6422', with squawk as a verb in the present continuous. source: ICAO English Pro Aviation Glossary. Ace Any FAA. A: Altitude (s) The altitude is the initial altitude you should climb to after takeoff. You'll often times be given a second altitude to expect later in your flight as well. For instance maintain 8,000', expect 17,000' 10 minutes after departure. If you're flying a departure procedure, you also might hear Climb via the SID , in which case.

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2013-05-13, 16:55. The 7500 Squawk code is a confidential message from the flight crew to the Air Traffic Services. The crew is trying to alert authorities covertly without the hijackers knowing about it. To broadcast this information to the public is counter productive and may endanger the flight These are just a few examples of the special language pilots must speak, whatever their nationality. The language of flight, or Aviation English - which consists of around 300 words - is a. flight plan & receive a squawk code 3. Monitor 121.5 4. Transmit the squawk code, and give normal position reports over the CTAF 5. Call ATC (540-351-6129) upon completion of pattern work to close flight plan 1. Before departure or entering the pattern, request to stay in the pattern 2. Monitor 121.5 3. Squawk1234 unless otherwise directed by. Roger - This means 'message received', but it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll comply. Squawk - To squawk is to set your transponder (a device for receiving a radio signal) so that. Air Terms and Aviation Glossary. AGL - Above Ground Level, as a measurement of altitude above a specific land mass, and differentiated from MSL. ADF - Automatic Direction Finding via automated radio. ADI - Attitude direction indicator. Shows the roll and pitch of the aircraft. AFCS - Automatic flight control system that provides inputs to the fight controls to assist the pilot in maneuvering.

squawk meaning. Meaning and Definition of squawk. Synonyms, Antonyms, Derived Terms, Anagrams and senses of squawk. What is squawk Aviation Safety, the monthly journal of risk management and accident prevention, is packed with useful, timely information on basic and advanced technique, accident analysis and, most important, practical articles on how you can develop the judgment that will keep you in the air and out of the NTSB's files Aircraft Identification SQUAWK IDENT Press the ident feature of transponder SQUAWK MODE CHARLIE Ensure MODE C function is selected STOP SQUAWK MODE CHARLIE Turn off MODE C function Word Meaning AIR TAXI To taxi while airborne: generally above twenty knots airspeed, altitud AeroFiles' Aviation Dictionary of AvSpeak. A E R O F I L E S. AvSpeak A Glossary of Aviation Terms and Abbreviations Aviation related terms and definitions used in association with civil flight obtained from the Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Aviation Regulations, and many other sources (general abbreviations and those specific to Aerofiles can be found on our Codes page) Pilot Acronyms commonly used ARROW - documents required in the aircraft. Airworthiness certificate Registration Operating limitations Weight and balance Compass errors (2 optional acronyms) OSUN - Overshoot South - Undershoot North ANDS - Accelerate North Decelerate South ( Anticipate North Delay South) Use latitude plus 1/2 the bank angle to roll out on North/South headin

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squawk. to utter a loud, harsh cry, as a duck or other fowl when frightened. to complain loudly and vehemently. to utter or give forth with a squawk. —n. a loud, harsh cry or sound. a loud, vehement complaint. the black-crowned night heron. See under o Mode-A replies with a Squawk (one of 4096 possible Codes; e.g. flight plan number, Squawk assigned by a Controller or the VFR Squawk). o Mode C replies, including Encoded Flight Level. o Mode S replies, including Aircraft Address and Flight Level. o Event Squitter, containing Identification Information 7700 means there is an emergency, 7600 refers to a communications failure, and 7500 refers to unlawful interference. The aircraft is LGR89 62-3540, a Boeing KC-135R Aviation DBC abbreviation meaning defined here. What does DBC stand for in Aviation? Get the top DBC abbreviation related to Aviation

Squawk 7700, an aviation autobiography by Peter M. Buffington, tells of his personal adventure into the world of aviation to achieve a professional airline pilot career. He provides riveting details of daily operations within the aviation industry, and the struggles flight crew members face to maintain their lifestyles TOM322/X3322: TUI plane declares squawk 7700. A SCOTTISH passenger plane has landed in Glasgow after declaring a mid-air emergency. The TUI Airways flight, travelling from Aberdeen to Tenerife, declared the emergency around half an hour into its four-hour journey. It declared a Squawk 7700 while flying near Glasgow Mode S Surveillance Principle 7 Aircraft outside surveillance coverage receives All-Call interrogations (broadcast) and replies, but replies not processed by radar Aircraft acquired by radar in surveillance coverage selective interrogations (Roll-Call) not locked: receive All-Call interrogations and replies Aircraft locked by radar in lockout coverage does not reply to All-Call interrogation The 'S' in Mode S stands for selective. This means that air traffic controllers can de-select the Squawk information. This is necessary in busy airspace when having control of numerous aircraft on a radar screen presents ATC with a high workload. Finally, the other advantage of Trig Mode S equipment is that it comes ready for ADS-B Out Squawk can refer to: Yellow-crowned night heron, also known as a squawk. Squawk code (more formally transponder code), a four-digit number sent out by an aircraft's transponder. Squawk (album), hard rock band Budgie's second album released in 1972 7777 military interception US Under no circumstances should a pilot of a civil aircraft operate the transponder on Code 7777 This code is reserved for military interceptor operations >> In addition to viewing this content you can find more information provided by us: Watch here. #squawk. [vid_tags]. What does squawk 7777 mean?. 7777 meaning